2020 Discretionary Grant Program Solicitations

February 24, 2020
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BJA Opens FY 2020 Adult Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court Discretionary Grant Program Solicitation

Applications are due May 14, 2020

Bureau of Justice Assistance today released the grant
for the fiscal year 2020 Adult Drug Court and Veterans Treatment
Court Discretionary Grant Program.

The grant program provides financial and technical assistance to
states, state courts, local courts, units of local government and Native
American tribal governments to enhance the operations of drug courts or
to implement new veterans treatment courts. Treatment court models eligible for
funding include: adult drug courts, co-occurring courts, DWI courts,
tribal healing to wellness courts, and veterans treatment courts.

The FY 2020 Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program is no longer available
for implementation. Implementation grants are still available for veterans
treatment courts.

are available in the following categories: 

1: Implementation of Veterans Treatment Courts – $500,000 for 36 months

Eligible jurisdictions have completed a
substantial amount of planning and are ready to implement an evidence-based
veterans treatment court that supports core capacity and provides critical
treatment, case management and coordination, judicial
supervision, sanctions and incentive services and other key resources, such as
transitional housing, relapse prevention and employment.

Veterans treatment courts may propose to either
serve non-violent offenders or both non-violent and violent offenders.

2: Enhancement of Adult Drug Courts and Veterans Treatment Courts – $500,000
for 36 months

Eligible jurisdictions have a fully-operational
adult drug court or veterans treatment court (i.e., those operating for at
least one year as of September 30, 2020). Funding may assist a jurisdiction to
scale up the program capacity; provide access to or enhance treatment capacity
or other critical support services; enhance court operations; expand or enhance
court services; or improve the quality and/or intensity of services based on
needs assessments. 

3: Statewide Strategies to support Adult Drug Courts and Veterans Treatment
Courts – $750,000 for 36 months

State applicants may apply for funding to
improve, enhance, or expand drug court and veterans treatment court services
statewide. Activities include expanding treatment and services; audits of
practice and technical assistance for adherence to standards; data collection
and analysis to assess practice and track recidivism; and training and
technical assistance (TTA). 

grants emphasize the integration of NADCP’s Adult Drug Court Best Practice
Standards into existing drug court services. In addition, all applicants must
demonstrate the court for which funds are sought does not deny eligible clients
access because of their use of FDA-approved medications for the treatment of a
substance use disorder (medication-assisted treatment).

Learn more and apply

technical assistance with submitting an application, contact the Grants.gov
Customer Support Hotline at 800–518–4726 or 606–545–5035, at https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/support.html,
or at support@grants.gov. For questions
regarding any other requirement of this solicitation, contact the National
Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Response Center: toll-free at
800–851–3420; via TTY at 301–240–6310 (hearing impaired only); email grants@ncjrs.gov; or web chat at https://webcontact.ncjrs.gov/ncjchat/chat.jsp.

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