Ecstasy Could Lead to Agony

October 17, 2019
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Many users see Ecstasy as a harmless way to enhance their enjoyment during a club night out, when attending a music festival, or raving away at an all-night party.

While it can certainly add a buzz to the experience it must also be understood that there are dangers attached to regular use of the drug, and that many find it a gateway to stronger, more addictive drugs.

Here are some facts about Ecstasy, the potential path users are treading and where it can ultimately lead to:

It’s original, pure form is MDMA, but…

Many users believe they are getting ‘clean’ MDMA when purchasing their pills. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth.

During the 1980’s when Ecstasy hit the Rave scene it was produced containing large amounts of MDMA. Today’s manufacturers include little or any of this highly potent chemical when producing tabs in their backstreet labs.

What today’s Ecstasy does contain is a whole raft of different substances with chemicals such as ephedrine, ketamine, mephedrone and methylone being favourites.

The substitute ingredients still work:

There may be no MDMA present in your Ecstasy, but producers make sure the user still gets an experience that is worth coming back for.

Once swallowed the pill can take between 30-60 minutes to kick-in and feelings received are of a pleasant euphoria, a sense that everything is good with the world along with contentment and happiness.

A user often feels very sociable, has the urge to talk or dance excessively and a noticeable decrease in inhibitions. Many talk of an increase in sexual desire, enhanced sensations and mild hallucinations as also being part of the experience.

Multiple use becomes a must:

These feelings generally peak between 1.5-2 hours after first use and tail off after 3.5 hour, but as long as a user has access to more it is very unlikely they will allow the drug’s effects to wear off. The need to experience those highs will have them swallowing another pill every couple of hours.

If the event they are attending is an all-night one it is easy to see how multiple-use is a common factor amongst Ecstasy users.

The lows must be factored in:

Please do not think taking Ecstasy is free from risk. When a user finally ceases an extended session on the drug the euphoric highs they have experienced are replaced by depressing lows. Add to this extreme fatigue, increased irritability, muscle aches, headaches, feelings of nausea and possible dizzy spells.

There is also a risk of psychological problems that will last far longer than any physical symptoms a user experiences.

Don’t let Ecstasy lead to other drugs:

Regular use of Ecstasy leads many into temptation in terms of sampling drugs that are far more addictive. Meth and Crack spring to mind. Dealers will convince ‘E’ users that these other substances give instant highs that are more powerful.

While this may be true, they also omit to mention that these alternative drugs can very quickly create a devastating dependence which a user will fall into all too easily.

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