Now Accepting Submissions to the Journal for Advancing Justice Vol. IV

March 30, 2021
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Now Accepting Submissions to the Journal for Advancing Justice Vol. IV

NADCP is pleased to call for submissions to the next volume of our peer-reviewed Journal for Advancing Justice: “Justice Reform: Achieving Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections to Promote Recovery.” This issue is supported by a grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Executive Office of the President.  The United States and other nations are at a major crossroads. As communities and advocates continue to call for change at the federal, state, and local levels, justice reforms are taking hold at an unprecedented pace. While many reforms are clearly necessary and well-intentioned, it has become more critical than ever that law, policy, and practice shifts be grounded in rigorous scientific research. If we are to ensure lasting positive change, we must conduct research in critical areas that have not received adequate attention, as well as build on existing findings from community-based interventions that have been proven to work, such as treatment courts, law enforcement deflection initiatives, prosecutor-led diversion programs, and other alternatives to incarceration.

We are looking for original research reports and research-based review articles or meta-analyses to address priority topics such as:

  • Collaborative strategies for the treatment and justice systems to coordinate care effectively for high-risk and high-need participants
  • Effective parameters for community supervision practices, such as home or employment visits, GPS monitoring, house arrest, remote check-ins, drug and alcohol testing, and application of core correctional practices
  • Optimum program lengths and dosages of services based on participant risk and need
  • Methods for enhancing or building on recovery capital for participants
  • Effective roles and functions of peer recovery support specialists or peer mentors
  • Effective harm reduction strategies and how to apply these in the context of community corrections programs
  • The impact of drug decriminalization or legalization on applications of best practices
  • Trainings or interventions demonstrated to enhance equity and inclusion for various racial, ethnic, or other cultural groups
  • Self-care and wellness strategies for justice professionals to enhance workforce development, including strategies for coping with loss and grief

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