Recreational Trazodone Use – Not Recommended

October 28, 2019
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Trazodone has valid uses for those suffering from severe depression, but those looking to use it for recreational highs are generally in for disappointment. Here’s why.

What is it?

Trazodone is an anti-depressant medicine. It is primarily used for those people suffering with depression. A major cause of depression affects those with a Serotonin imbalance. Serotonin is a naturally occurring body chemical.

Depression wears many disguises:

There is certainly no single, specific reason that a person is affected by depression, but it is a given that everyone will suffer from bouts of depression throughout their life.

Reasons include, but are certainly not limited to an unforgettable incident, social or relationship difficulties, or the loss of someone very close to you.

Depression ranges from mild to severe with temporary bouts being part and parcel of a person’s life. There are a variety of ways to treat depression and not all of these include the use of drugs.

Do not bottle-up your depression:

One thing must be made crystal clear. If you are suffering from any form of depression it should not be kept bottled up. This will only increase the problems and negative feelings.

A positive way to combat these feelings is to take a loved one or a good friend into your confidence and explain the reasons behind your depressive thoughts and feelings.

An alternative is to discuss this with your health practitioner. The saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” is certainly a valid starting point to overcome depressive episodes.

If Trazodone is prescribed:

The decision to start a course of Trazodone should not be taken lightly, but if it is found that Serotonin levels need balancing then this form of treatment needs to be carefully administered.

The way in which the drug works mean that instant results will not be seen. In many cases it can take up to 2 weeks before full effects are noticed.

The benefits offered should include a positive effect on your mood, a decrease in feelings of anxiety, increased energy levels and a regular appetite. The overall effect should leave a person feeling far better with their life.

Two major things to avoid:

Make no mistake, this is a serious drug. Those taking a course should not drink alcohol. Trazodone is known to increase the effects alcohol gives.

The same goes for anyone considering a drugs cocktail. It is known that some users combine barbiturates, or sedatives; valium is common, with Trazodone. This is not something to be tried as the consequences are likely to lead to deeper issues.

Recreational high:

As mentioned at the beginning of the piece, please do not waste your time using Trazodone for recreational purposes. There is little evidence that a satisfactory high will be achieved. In many cases the end result is the user has a strong desire to sleep.

For those who are intending to use Trazodone as part of a recreational drug cocktail then they are asking for a raft of potential problems that are simply not worth the risk.

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