Specialized Law Enforcement Training at RISE21

June 11, 2021
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Specialized Law Enforcement Training at RISE21

This year, RISE will feature new, specialized training for law enforcement. Research shows that when a representative from law enforcement attends treatment court staff meetings regularly, these programs are over 80% more effective at reducing crime and 60% more cost-effective. But we also know law enforcement officers working in treatment courts have to balance this work with their many other responsibilities, so it is important for officers to understand how to maximize their impact.

RISE21 will feature some of the nation’s most renowned experts and thought leaders in the field of law enforcement to provide training on critical components of policing in the 21st century. These sessions are developed by law enforcement for law enforcement. Topics include: mental health and trauma, treatment courts, substance use trends …and more!

Click here to download the RISE21 law enforcement training flyer for more detailed session descriptions.

We encourage you to ensure the law enforcement representative(s) on your team attend RISE21! To learn more, register, and secure discounted hotel rooms, visit RISE21.org. For questions, contact lawenforcement@allrise.org.

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