Take 5 Spotlight – Luke Frazier

May 20, 2021
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Take 5 Spotlight is a series of brief articles that introduce you to members of our National Office team, and many other SMART-types, in a short & sweet way.

Talk about the right place at the right time. When Luke Frazier, SMART’s Communications Consultant, was sitting in a crowded coffee shop he was overheard talking about the kind of communications work he was doing. The person who overheard him happened to work for SMART Recovery, and they happened to be looking for someone to help with communications. Luke says, “I wasn’t even planning to go to that coffee shop. My schedule changed and I ended up there.”  

Luke immediately felt that SMART was a cause he wanted to help, and for the past 18 months he has done so. “I do things like write press releases and advertising copy, draft and edit documents, host podcasts, and basically get the word out about how great SMART is in any way possible.” Something that he says is challenging at times but worth the effort to make sure those battling addiction know about this pathway to recovery. 

With a background that includes broadcasting, public relations, and nonprofit management, Luke brings a wide range of skills to spreading SMART’s message of recovery. He also believes that word of mouth advertising, especially when overheard by someone, is a great way to communicate.  

Here are Luke’s responses to the Take 5 Spotlight questions:

  1. Are there tasks you perform regularly during your workday? I am writing something about SMART every day, it just depends on who needs help and what specific information about SMART they are trying to communicate. I also keep my eye out for any press coverage and follow-up as necessary.  
  2. What are a couple of the ways you interact and coordinate your job with other national office staff? Well, there are many ways I interact with SMART staff on a regular basis. After I do an initial draft of an announcement, or part of a mass email, I’ll get it in front of the appropriate person or persons for response. Then I take it and do it again, and sometimes again after that. I also work closely with the entire Marcom team writing web content and recording podcasts. 
  3. What is one of the ways that you think you personally make a difference at SMART? A well-crafted piece of writing carries a clear message and so it has a positive impact—hopefully causing someone to do something like take advantage of what SMART has to offer or tell others about it.  I also think a great podcast interview really gets the SMART message across. 
  4. What is your message to all those dedicated SMART volunteers across the country? Keep believing in what you’re doing, it’s worth it! And make sure to ask me for help getting the word out, I really enjoy doing it!
  5. What kinds of things are you interested in outside of work? I love going to the woods and just enjoying the quiet. On the other hand, I enjoy lots of different kinds of music, played loud. I’m also an avid reader and always up for a road trip to the beach (lake or ocean). 

One thing is clear about Luke Frazier’s communications work for SMART Recovery:  he’s willing to try to carry the message in whatever way works. It’s obvious he enjoys spreading the word about how SMART can help, and you might just find him in a coffee shop one day, talking about it.  

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