Take 5 Spotlight – Steve Kind

February 22, 2023
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You can call Steve Kind by his official title of National Support Team Administrative Assistant, and he’d be happy to answer, but it would be like calling a fully loaded Maserati just a way to get around. Steve’s role at SMART is multifaceted and extends in many directions, including outreach and marketing. And having a variety of responsibilities on a daily basis is just fine with him.  

Steve has been with SMART since April of 2022, “Having used SMART Recovery on my own quest for sobriety, and later becoming a facilitator, I knew I wanted to be a part of the organization.” He now answers phones and emails, helps connect other organizations and individuals to training, represents SMART at sober events, and is helping figure out how to make SMART more prominent on the web.

Steve is especially suited for helping in the digital realm based on his previous experience as owner of a website design and internet marketing firm. But while increasing search visibility for SMART’s website gives Steve a kick, the real positive of his job is in being there for people, “The most rewarding thing is to have someone reach out to us in need of help and end our communication with them excited to have found a recovery path that works for them.” The excitement goes both ways.

Here are Steve’s responses to the Take 5 Spotlight questions:

  1.  Are there tasks you perform regularly during your workday? I am the frontline for all incoming phone communication. I respond to all general email inquiries or route them to the appropriate team.  I make outreach calls and track progress.
  2. What are a couple of the ways you interact and coordinate your job with national office staff? I interact with the national office staff on a daily basis by either connecting the appropriate staff with the incoming communication or by coordinating with them in outreach efforts.
  3. What is one of the ways that you think you personally make/want to make a difference at SMART? I don’t have an off button.  Whatever is asked of me to help grow the organization I am happy to do.  I want to see meetings available in every area of the countries we serve.  Dogged determination, and a lack of fear in approaching those who could help with that effort, are what I bring to the table.
  4. What is your message to all those dedicated SMART volunteers across the country?
    I find their passion for helping others inspiring!  Our volunteers devote their time and skills to making a difference in people’s lives, and I applaud them all.
  5. What kinds of things are you interested in outside of work? Any hobbies?
    I love reading and writing.  I have authored a book and enjoy reading books on a wide variety of topics.  I enjoy traveling, trying new things (especially ones that scare me), and meeting new people.  I can be happy with a crowd at a concert or sitting quietly with a good book.  I also enjoy a good movie now and then…but they’re usually not as good as the book.  

The bottom line for Steve, no matter what title he might be assigned, is that his work is a response to real human beings in need. And that makes individuals approaching SMART from any direction bound to hit their target of getting help.

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