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July 4, 2022
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As Bill White’s page has moved, I updated all the links, fixed typos and placed all of the interviews available as PDFs as well as hyperlinked to the Recovery Review page. Also, I am pleased to note that the training I developed based on this body of work has been academically vetted and is available through the Opioid Response Network in all 50 states and territories.

NRAM 20th Anniversary of Recovery Summit Interviews –

Conducted by William Stauffer

NRAM Interviews:

#1 Bill WhiteRecovery Historian, researcher, and author of Slaying the Dragon                LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#2 David WhitersFounder Recovery Consultants of Altanta Inc. Decatur GA                        LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#3 Carol McDaid – Cofounder McShinn Foundation Principal at Capitol Decisions Inc.               LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#4 Ben Bass – Executive Director of the Recovery Alliance of El Paso TX                                  LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#5 Tom Hill – Senior Advisor SAMHSA and senior advisor White House ONDCP (retired)               LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#6 Dona Dmitrovic – Senior Advisor Recovery to SAMHSA                                                            LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#7 Phil Valentine – Exec Dir, Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR)               LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#8 Johnny Allem – Led Society of Americans for Recovery (SOAR) the first national RCO               LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#9 Bev Haberle – Exec Dir PRO-ACT of The Council of Southeast PA, Inc (retired)                  LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#10 William Cope Moyers – VP public affairs / community relations Hazelden Betty Ford               LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#11 H Westley Clark, MD – Dir CSAT SAMHSA US Dep HHS (1998-2014)                                  LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#12 Betty Currier – Organized Friends of Recovery of Delaware and Otsego Counties NY               LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#13 Mark Sanders – Author, curator Museum of African American Addictions, Tx & Rec               LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#14 Cathy Nugent – First grant officer RCSP – SAMHSA.                                                                LINK HERE           PDF HERE

#15 John Winslow – Founder, Dri-Dock Recovery Center & International Recovery Day    LINK HERE     PDF HERE

Information on the New Recovery Advocacy Movement & Related Articles

  • FreedomFest 1976: A Celebration of Freedom from Alcohol and Drug Addiction YouTube                        Link HERE
  • Slaying the Dragon: The History of Addiction Tx and Recovery in America. (1998). Bill White                          Link HERE
  • Toward a New Recovery Movement (2000) Bill White                                                                                 Link HERE
  • State of the New Recovery Advocacy Movement – Dallas Texas 2013 – Bill White                                Link HERE
  • Recovering substance abusers brave stigma by giving up secrecy – The Washington Post – 10/1/15       Link HERE
  • A Day Is Coming: Visions of A New Recovery Advocacy  Movement Bill White (2015)                        Link HERE
  • 40 Years Ago the Unthinkable Happened – Greg Williams                                                                           Link HERE
  • Reflections on Recovery Representation – Bill White / Bill Stauffer 2020 –                       PDF HERE         Link HERE 
  • Personal privacy and public recovery advocacy – Bill White / Bill Stauffer / Danielle Tarino                        Link HERE
  • Online Museum of African American Addictions, Treatment and Recovery – Curator Mark Sanders             Link HERE

Links to other documents & videos  

  • Interview with Harold Hughes in the 1960s                                                                                                                    Link HERE
  • Marty Mann Papers                                                                                                                                                Link HERE  
  • Rutgers School of Alcoholism History                                                                                                                Link HERE 
  • Catching Up with Bruce Holley Johnson, Ph.D.                                                                                                Link HERE
  • The Anonymous People – Operation Understanding                                                                                      Link HERE
  • The Anonymous People – Greg Intro                                                                                                                  Link HERE
  • Tom Coderre – Many Faces One Voice                                                                                                              Link HERE
  • Marty Mann’s Info with Tom Hill and Stacia Murphy                                                                                    Link HERE
  • Marty Mann-Two Powerful Speeches Given at High Watch Farm 25th Anniversary of High Watch           Link HERE
  • AA Speaker Harold Hughes The Governor His Alcoholics Anonymous Talk 1970                                    Link HERE
  • Mercedes McCambridge – Operation Understanding US Congress May, 8th 1976 “Lincoln was Right”   Link HERE

Link to this document HERE

Links Updated July 2022  

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