When Alcohol is Not an Aphrodisiac

October 28, 2019
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It is a common misconception that alcohol is a complete aphrodisiac. While it can certainly enhance both men and women’s libido’s, lower inhibitions and enhance sexual enjoyment, this is only the case if taken in moderation.

Here are the positives of alcohol in relation to sex as well as the negatives.

Moderate drinking can enhance sexual enjoyment:

For men, drinking in moderation generally has a positive effect on their sexual desire. This is seen to be particularly noticeable when they are in the prime of life. It is also understood that younger men find an erection easier to come by after a drink or two.

Many women find that a glass or two or their favourite tipple, or a glass of red wine leaves them with more pronounced sexual desire and feelings.

An advantage that can benefit both men and women is when partners share a reasonable amount of alcohol. This can help to lower inhibitions, allow them to be more open to suggestions and experimentation, lead to livelier, more fulfilling sex sessions, and work to bring them closer together as a couple.

The negatives of heavy drinking and sex:

When either sex regularly consumes alcohol to excess there is a strong chance that their sensitivity towards sex is reduced. It is also the case that they will respond more slowly to sexual actions.

Specific problems for women:

Constant, sustained drinking can mean a women experiences a decrease in lubrication during foreplay and subsequent intercourse. This is certainly not the right recipe for comfortable, enjoyable sex.

A knock on effect is that many find it harder to achieve an orgasm, and if they do it is far less intense.

For those women looking to start or add to their family it should also be understood that regular, excessive drinking sessions can lower fertility.

Specific problems for men:

It is very true that many men have increased sexual desires and intentions the more they drink. Their minds are awash with thoughts of sexual acts and enjoyment they intend to share with their partner.

The problem is that while the mind may be working overtime the penis generally goes in the other direction. This leaves many men subject to the extremely embarrassing condition commonly known as ‘Brewer’s Droop’.

The embarrassment of not being able to achieve or maintain an erection can be frustrating and disappointing for both partners and having another drink to try and overcome this will only exasperate matters.

If a man continually drinks to excess and this problem becomes the norm, they will rapidly become more reluctant to even get involved in sexual encounters.

Brewer’s Droop is a temporary condition, but it should be noted that sustained heavy drinking over long periods of time can actually lead to Erectile Dysfunction issues which are much more permanent.

Enjoy alcohol in moderation:

Sexual activity is something that should be cherished and enjoyed by both men and women. Many do not feel the need for alcohol to help enhance the experience.

For those who need to relax a little it is important to remember that drinking in moderation is the only way to go if they are to get fulfillment, satisfaction and enjoyment when mixing alcohol and sex.

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