Your Help Needed! Medical Workforce Addiction Recovery Affinity Groups

June 2, 2021
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Hi all,

This post is a request for your help.

I’m involved in the formation of an addiction recovery affinity group (AKA employee resource group) in a hospital.

We have well over 2000 staff and roles range from administrators to food service to RNs to housekeeping to doctors.

I’m interested in models and examples for this type of thing. I’ve seen a lot of examples of recovery-friendly workplaces and I’m aware of things like Caduceus groups, but this is a little different. It may provides some mutual aid but it also seeks to improve employee engagement, strengthen culture, and accomplish some diversity & inclusion (D&I) goals.

This group could provide support for other recovering colleagues, provide feedback to HR about policies to support recovery at the hospital, and provide feedback about improving care for patients in recovery or with a history of addiction.

Of particular concern is the fact that many colleagues are licensed health professionals and may see professional risk in identifying as a person in recovery.

I’m interested getting information on the objectives, activities, and experiences of similar groups. I’m particularly interested in experience in navigating concerns about licensing and confidentiality.

Please share your thoughts and experience with me via email at jfschwartz(at) or twitter @RecoveryReview

Thank you! Jason

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