Carolina Outreach is a group of highly trained behavioral health professionals dedicated to promoting the emotional and physical well-being of our community in a safe and respectful environment. We provide a comprehensive and integrative array of behavioral health services and supports for people of all ages with varying levels of need utilizing an equitable and inclusive approach. We focus on helping our clients tap into and develop their inherent strengths with the goal of supporting the highest quality of life possible for all we serve. Through comprehensive clinical care from highly trained, passionate staff, your family will have the confidence to face any of life's challenges. We believe that one of the most powerful ways to effectively address mental health issues is through communication. We want to hear from you about your needs, the needs of your family, or the needs of the community where you live. We provide services such as safety assessments, emergency medication refills, and crisis counseling to those ages 4 and up. We serve clients in 31 counties throughout North Carolina.

Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc. provides comprehensive, culturally-competent and cost-effective health services to residents of Edgecombe, Nash, and Wilson counties. We deliver quality care using a team-based approach which allows providers across multiple disciplines to work together with the patient to achieve a common goal of improving the patient’s overall health. Community Health Centers (also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers) are private, nonprofit, patient-governed, community-directed organizations that remove common barriers to care by serving communities whose residents have historically experienced financial, geographic, language, cultural or other barriers to receiving care. Community Health Centers provide a health care home that integrates high quality medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, and enabling services without regard to a person’s ability to pay.

 Wilkes Recovery Revolution, INC. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and an accredited Recovery Community Organization (RCO). This standing designates that we are a grassroots effort organization committed to advocacy activities and community building within the recovery population. We are the first accredited RCO in Wilkes County and have earned our status through Faces and Voices of Recovery based in Washington, D.C. This accreditation also represents a commitment to being peer-run, which means that more than 50% of our staff, board, and volunteers have lived experience with recovery from substance use or mental health concerns. Through the wisdom of lived experience Wilkes Recovery Revolution, Inc. is creating a community where recovery from addiction is possible through; Restoring Hope, Repairing Lives, and Rebuilding Community. Recovery from addiction and mental illness is not only possible, but with support, opportunities, community, and education, recovery for all can be a reality. Collaboration and partnerships  within a recovery community organization can produce more viable solutions for individuals which in return becomes a catalyst of social change and strength in communities. Individuals and providers benefit from the perspective and knowledge that can only be obtained from those with lived experience in recovery and by employing the evidence based practices of peer support. 

Systems change for better public safety. LEAD enhances safety, health, and equity by building a community-based alternative to jail and prosecution for people whose unlawful behavior stems from unmet needs related to substance use, mental health challenges, or extreme poverty. It’s become widely accepted that we can’t arrest our way out of the problems related to substance use, mental illness, or extreme poverty. But the crime and harms that can stem from these challenges must not be ignored or minimized. The LEAD model offers communities a better approach to safety and equity. LEAD enhances public safety, health, and equity by building new systems to divert people with unmet needs related to behavioral health or extreme poverty into non-punitive, collaborative, community-based systems of response and care.


Excellence in Clinical Care

MAHEC provides quality, compassionate family medicineinternal medicineob/gyndental, and psychiatric care through more than 179,000 annual patient visits that include WNC's newest residents, the more than 2,000 babies delivered by our ob/gyn, maternal-fetal medicine, and family medicine physicians and nurse-midwives. In addition, our sports medicine, addiction medicine, behavioral health, pharmacotherapy, and nutrition services lend support to an advanced care team model where providers work together to support the whole person. Excellence in Health Professions Training and Education. Residency and Fellowship Programs

Mission: to improve lives. Vision: to be the best behavioral healthcare provider in the communities we serve. Values: Self care, joy, diversity, continuous improvement, and integrity. Appalachian Community Services provides Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Substance Use, and Developmental Disability services to individuals, families, and communities within the seven western counties of North Carolina. We provide a wind range of walk-in, psychiatric, substance abuse, and crisis services to adults and children. Our mission is to promote the emotional and physical well being of consumers in a safe and respectful environment. We are committed to providing a wide continuum of services to effectively meet the changing needs within the community.

With each patient, we strive to provide comprehensive and compassionate healthcare, fueled by our mission, vision, and values. We believe that everyone has the right to quality healthcare, no matter what their insurance or income status is. Part of establishing a healthier community is providing access to excellent healthcare to those in need. We won’t stop until everyone has an equal opportunity to lead a healthy and sustainable life. Mission: To improve Health, inspire Hope, and advance Healing through access to Compassionate, Affordable, and Quality Care.

Vision: To be a community-focused leader for health, education, and innovation by providing integrated whole-person care, advancing healthy lifestyles, and training an exceptional workforce while promoting workplace excellence.


Foundation for Health Leadership and Innovation. There is an oral health crisis in North Carolina that impacts North Carolinians of all ages in every county. Poor oral health results in more than just tooth decay. Its consequences dramatically lower quality of life, impact overall health, increase health care costs, negatively shape one’s ability to learn, and can hinder employability. This website is an educational resource to provide a better understanding of oral health for all ages and populations. The page includes information for patients and providers alike to learn more about oral hygiene, routine maintenance, treatment plans, and more.

Community Health Center FQHC

Compassionate quality care. Every day. For All. 

In the past 50 years, Greene County Health Care has evolved from a single community health center (CHC) to a Federally Qualified Health Center with sites in Greene, Pitt and Pamlico counties that provide medical, dental and behavioral health care to the people of eastern North Carolina. We offer care on a sliding fee scale for those who qualify under federal poverty guidelines.

MERCI Clinic is committed to providing confidential medical, limited dental, and pharmaceutical services to individuals who have no health insurance and are of limited income regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, religion, or other legally protected status.

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