V.O.I.C.E. Therapeutic Solutions,
PLLC was created by Dr. ​Kemi Amola-Hill in order to empower and affect change in individuals and communities. Highly trained in a wide range of therapeutic interventions, our specialists are experts in providing therapeutic solutions and education to Wake, Durham, Johnston and Cumberland counties. We offer: Home based therapy, Outpatient therapy for individuals and families, Peer Support Services, Clinical Assessments 

V.O.I.C.E. provides the best evidence-based treatment available to children, adolescents, and adults. V.O.I.C.E. believes the therapeutic relationship is a partnership and the individual is the expert. Our therapists respect the individual’s autonomy and freedom of choice, including natural consequences resulting from their own behaviors.  

Our goal is to facilitate positive results in the lives of those we serve. Our therapists are catalysts for change. We believe all people desire the “best” for themselves, however they may lack the “road map” designed to lead them towards success. '

Anyone who has addiction or mental health issues can come in and talk with our Peer Support Specialists at no cost. Sometimes just being able to talk helps one to sort out how to deal with life on life’s terms. We help those who come in to empower themselves. Support groups and workshops are provided as the need arises where we are able to fulfill those needs.

The PRC plans to grow and change as our community grows and changes, and will always strictly adhere to our policy of free services. Our Mission is sharing hope and caring to help others achieve recovery from addiction/mental health conditions through shared experiences, education, and community networking.

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