Our Vision: Every Wilson County resident is able to access comprehensive substance use prevention, treatment, recovery, and harm reduction resources quickly, easily, and without judgment.​

Our Mission: The coalition is organized for the charitable purpose of reducing substance misuse among youth and, over time, among adults by addressing factors in the community that increase the risk of substance misuse and promoting the factors that minimize that risk.

Our Values:

We know working to prevent harm gives us the best long term hope of reducing alcohol and drug problems. Communities with concerted, collaborative efforts designed to prevent and reduce substance misuse are proven to be safer, more economically sound, and more desired places to work, live and play. This will take a coordinated approach – with local and state governments, health services, communities and individuals working together.

As the professional trade association for substance use professionals and providers in the state of North Carolina, APNC sits at the nexus of the substance use and mental health industries to provide a collective voice with a cohesive message in all matters that affect individuals, providers, and the people they serve. What we do: Advocate for more effective and equitable policies. Consult and provide technical assistance in a variety of areas. Provide education opportunities for individuals, organizations, and the general public. Connect partners across the industry to foster collaboration and innovation. Serve the behavioral health frontline workforce.

Established by Governor Roy Cooper in June 2020, Public Safety Secretary Eddie Buffaloe Jr. and NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Anita Earls are leading the Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice (TREC), which consists of twenty-four members from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Task Force’s work focuses on addressing existing policies and procedures that disproportionately affect communities of color and developing solutions to ensure racial equity in North Carolina’s criminal justice system.

Our mission at Aspire Youth & Family is to assist young people in overcoming behavioral, emotional, or substance abuse obstacles, so they may realize their full potential. We provide counseling, life skills development, and education through experience, in a supportive environment that emphasizes the strengths of each individual.

We also help our clients and their families strengthen their relationships through family counseling, family events, and parent support groups. Our staff works together as a team with commitment, honesty, and patience to serve as good partners for our clients.

Providing Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Exposure Information to Southeastern U.S. Residents

MotherToBaby North Carolina specialists answer questions about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding for healthcare providers and residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky. We are housed at the Fullerton Genetics Center at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. 

MotherToBaby North Carolina specialists also provide support to our in-house team of certified genetic counselors. During a prenatal genetic counseling visit, genetic counselors may discuss pregnancy and pre-pregnancy exposures such as illnesses, medications, or substances, in order to provide patients with the most accurate information regarding any possible effects on pregnancy outcomes. Languages: English and Spanish.

MotherToBaby North Carolina specialists are available to present at professional conferences on topics related to exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and/or exhibit in order to share information about MotherToBaby’s services.

We also provide educational talks to groups serving pregnant and breastfeeding populations, such as clinical provider groups, lactation specialists / breastfeeding educators, maternity homes, home visiting programs, and others. We provide teratology lectures for medical residents and genetic counseling students through partnerships with academic training programs.

MISSION: The HOPE Family Resource Center is a community center whose mission is to work in partnership with families and the community to provide support, information and education so that together we can build strong and healthy families.

There is no cost for the services provided.

To provide a continuum of professional services to promote healthier lives, stronger families, and safer communities.

The Coastal Coalition for Substance Awareness & Prevention (CCSAP) is a five-county coalition covering Carteret, Craven, Jones, Onslow, and Pamlico counties. The organizational structure of CCSAP includes a Board of Directors who oversee the coalition across all five counties, a County Task Force in each of the counties served, and a regional Resilience Collaborative.

CCSAP's overarching goal is to prevent youth substance use by providing evidence-based prevention programs, raising awareness of the risk factors that can lead to the initiation of youth substance use, and increasing protective factors that minimize the risk of youth substance use. CCSAP focuses on an upstream approach, with a special focus on education and prevention efforts offered to schools, community organizations, faith-based organizations, youth-serving organizations, and other business and agencies.

CCSAP offers CATCH My Breath, SAMHSA's only evidence-based vaping prevention curriculum for schools, and can train others to implement the curriculum, in addition to promoting the INDEPTH alternative to suspension program. CCSAP utilizes Talk It Out NC, focused on helping parents and other responsible adults to start conversations with youth about the dangers of underage drinking, including how alcohol affects the brain, student success, and athletic performance for coaches and athletes, as well as SAMHSA's Talk They Hear You campaign.

CCSAP also promotes the Lock Your Meds campaign, providing medication lock boxes to safely store medication, and deactivation kits to safely dispose of unused medication. In addition, CCSAP offers community overdose reversal trainings and provides the life-saving medication, Narcan, to community members at no cost. CCSAP offers a range of trainings that include the Trauma-Sensitive Schools training, trauma-informed and resiliency-focused training for various agencies and organizations, Strengthening Families Framework, Circle of Security Parenting Series, and more. Lastly, CCSAP hosts film screenings, panel discussions, Healing Book Club, Trauma-Informed Summit, and the Resilience Symposium.  Please visit CCSAP at: https://ccsap.org/

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