Mission: REACH of Haywood County serves survivors of domestic violence, dating abuse, sexual assault, elder abuse, and human-trafficking through advocacy, community outreach, and prevention education, to empower individuals to live a self-sufficient life, free from violence.

All of our services are offered FREE OF CHARGE to women, children, and men.

Our vision is to be able to provide necessary emergency shelter, so that all Haywood County residents have a safe place to work on their stability goals. Expand and add valuable programs and provide vital items needed to increase the well-being of our community, especially to those who are disenfranchised, experiencing homelessness, or insecure shelter in Haywood County and western North Carolina. We believe housing, income, or addiction does not define a person or their value to a community. We believe accessibility to mental health programs is key to the healing process.

Our Mission is —

In Christ’s name, feed the hungry, house the homeless and reduce recidivism in Haywood County.

Our Vision is —

To glorify God by proclaiming and showing love through a Christ-centered ministry that brings life transformation in a safe, accepting and caring environment.

Coastal Women’s Shelter, the bridge to empower survivors in their journey to safety and security, is the sole provider of comprehensive domestic and sexual violence services at no cost to survivors in Craven, Jones, and Pamlico counties. Our range of services includes but is not limited to court advocacy, transportation, tuition assistance, clothing, food, housing assistance, monthly support groups for adult and youth survivors, employment, a 24/7/365 crisis hotline, and inter-agency information and referrals. 

Our vision is to eradicate domestic violence in the counties that we serve. Our mission is to help families break the cycle of domestic violence and acquire the skills necessary to promote healthy family relationships.

The many challenges faced by survivors of domestic, intimate partner and sexual violence include limited transportation resources, low availability of quality, affordable childcare, few opportunities and resources to pursue or complete educational programs, strained family relationships and gaps in knowledge around effective parenting practices, understanding the deep impact of domestic and sexual violence trauma, and homelessness and housing insecurity.

Charlotte Rescue Mission accepts the American Medical Association’s definition of alcoholism as:

“… an illness that is characterized by significant impairment in the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and social areas that is directly associated with the persistent and excessive use of alcohol. Impairment may involve psychological or social dysfunction. Alcoholism also is manifested as a type of drug dependence of pathological extant and pattern, which ordinarily interferes seriously with the patient’s mental and physical health and his adaptation to his environment”

Concerning the spiritual implications of alcoholism, we believe that alcoholism takes root in alienation from God and the violation of conscience. We believe that God’s power can deliver individuals from the compulsion to drink, and set them free from the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, and social consequences of an alcoholic lifestyle.

RHCC has seven conveniently located health centers in Columbus, Robeson, Scotland and Montgomery counties. Our health centers are staffed by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, licensed behavioral health clinicians and caring nursing staff who work together to diagnose, treat and medically manage acute, episodic and chronic conditions.

Patient care is available by appointment and walk-ins are always welcome. We accept and file all insurances including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid-Carolina Access, Medicare, Health Choice and other insurances. Applications are available for a sliding fee scale.

RHCC has the capacity to serve 77 women throughout North Carolina within our residential substance use treatment programs. Our agency can accept women from any county or MCO within the state. Each program is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of women and their children.

At RCS, we understand that everyone is valuable and deserves dignity and respect. We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can feel supported and empowered to build a stronger future. In addition to our primary programs, we offer transportation assistancerent and utility assistancedisaster relief and recoveryemergency food pantryprescription assistance, and employment readiness boot camps with Craven Community College. Those seeking community (and a hot, home-cooked meal) are welcome Sundays for breakfast at 8:00am and Mondays through Saturdays for lunch beginning at 10:30am. 

RCS offers three distinct homelessness housing services:

  1. Emergency Crisis Shelter: RCS’s traditional 20 bed shelter offers an overnight haven for individuals experiencing homelessness. 
  2. Veteran’s Residence: RCS houses a five-unit, Veteran’s residence on its George Street campus. Here, Veterans are provided consistent housing while they work with a case manager to achieve self-sufficiency
  3. Family Residence: RCS houses a four-unit, Family residence on its George Street campus. Here, families experiencing homelessness are provided consistent housing while they work with a case manager to achieve self-sufficiency

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.​

Serving others with many hands and one heart.

Hope Mission of Carteret County, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Hope Mission serves the Carteret County community by providing food, shelter, emergency financial assistance, and other means of support such as emotional support, mentoring and counseling.

The mission of Hope Mission Ministries is addressing the needs of poverty, homelessness, and substance abuse in Carteret County.

At Hope Mission, we believe that homeless folks and those that are on the edge or have substance abuse issues have lost their sense of identity. Much of the time that loss of a sense of identity is because of the disconnection from family and community. These folks feel as though they are standing alone against the whole world. And they become discouraged from thinking that life can ever be any better. They lose hope. At Hope Mission, we do everything we can to give them back that sense of belonging. We believe this is vital to their ability to transition back to the full and rewarding lives God intended them to live.

Hope Recovery Homes, Inc. is a twenty-four-hour nonprofit facility established for the purposes of shelter care and recovery from alcohol or other drug addiction through a 12-step, self-help, peer role modeling, and self-governance approach. 

Hope Recovery Homes, Inc. utilizes comprehensive evidence based, best practices guidance for its “in house” and “wrap around*” services for all participants. We partner with RHA, Port and Carteret Counseling Services so that participants may receive clinical assistance as well. The program length is approximately 180 days. Hope Recovery Homes has 40 beds total. 3 men's homes and 1 women's home.

We believe all people struggling with addiction (especially the homeless, uninsured and underserved) deserve services on demand. That’s why we offer both a men’s campus and a women’s campus tailored to serve their unique needs. At Healing Transitions, we’re all about freedom, dignity, and hope. We do this through a long-term recovery program, a non-medical detox and an emergency shelter. We make it our mission to see the potential that exists in each person, even when they are at their lowest point.

We’re here for all people, under the influence or not, and regardless of readiness for change. Because everyone needs a glimpse of hope to believe life can get better. And even one encounter with someone in our village (whether participant, alumni or staff) might just save their lives. So, whatever brings them here, and however long they’re willing to stay, our doors are always open. No matter what.

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