Carolina Advocates for Climate, Health and Equity

Carolina Advocates for Climate, Health, and Equity

130 Justice St. Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Carolina Advocates for Climate, Health and Equity

Our Vision: Climate Change is a Public Health Emergency.

Carolina Advocates for Climate, Health, and Equity (CACHE) represents public health practitioners, physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals across North Carolina - from the Coast, the Piedmont, and the Mountains, and from rural and urban areas - who recognize climate change as a public health emergency. We are working toward a healthy, resilient future for North Carolinians, where:

  • all people have access to clean air, protection from extreme heat, and a healthy climate where they can thrive
  • North Carolina communities and health systems are prepared for climate-related impacts
  • hospitals and health systems in North Carolina foster health in the community, by making their operations low-waste and energy efficient

Addressing climate change can feel like an insurmountable challenge, and we strive to create a supportive, collaborative, inclusive community that sustains our energy and empowers our members. Our community includes seasoned advocates, and people just learning about the health impacts of climate change. Together our work is changing the way the public, and the health profession, talks about climate change. We believe that diversity in all its forms enriches and strengthens us and we hope you will join our movement.

Services Offered

Climate Smart Healthcare, Public Health Advocacy Group
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