Coastal Coalition for Substance Awareness & Prevention (CCSAP)

601 Broad St, New Bern, NC 28560, USA

Office Phone: (252) 649-1615

Genders Served: All Genders

Ages Served: Adolescents/Emerging Adults (14-19), Pre-Teen (11-13), Children (0-10), 18+

Coastal Coalition for Substance Awareness & Prevention (CCSAP)

The Coastal Coalition for Substance Awareness & Prevention (CCSAP) is a five-county coalition covering Carteret, Craven, Jones, Onslow, and Pamlico counties. The organizational structure of CCSAP includes a Board of Directors who oversee the coalition across all five counties, a County Task Force in each of the counties served, and a regional Resilience Collaborative.

CCSAP's overarching goal is to prevent youth substance use by providing evidence-based prevention programs, raising awareness of the risk factors that can lead to the initiation of youth substance use, and increasing protective factors that minimize the risk of youth substance use. CCSAP focuses on an upstream approach, with a special focus on education and prevention efforts offered to schools, community organizations, faith-based organizations, youth-serving organizations, and other business and agencies.

CCSAP offers CATCH My Breath, SAMHSA's only evidence-based vaping prevention curriculum for schools, and can train others to implement the curriculum, in addition to promoting the INDEPTH alternative to suspension program. CCSAP utilizes Talk It Out NC, focused on helping parents and other responsible adults to start conversations with youth about the dangers of underage drinking, including how alcohol affects the brain, student success, and athletic performance for coaches and athletes, as well as SAMHSA's Talk They Hear You campaign.

CCSAP also promotes the Lock Your Meds campaign, providing medication lock boxes to safely store medication, and deactivation kits to safely dispose of unused medication. In addition, CCSAP offers community overdose reversal trainings and provides the life-saving medication, Narcan, to community members at no cost. CCSAP offers a range of trainings that include the Trauma-Sensitive Schools training, trauma-informed and resiliency-focused training for various agencies and organizations, Strengthening Families Framework, Circle of Security Parenting Series, and more. Lastly, CCSAP hosts film screenings, panel discussions, Healing Book Club, Trauma-Informed Summit, and the Resilience Symposium.  Please visit CCSAP at:

Credentialed by: MAEDMCHES

Services Offered

Prevention/Education, Trauma-Informed Training & Education
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