Craven County's H.O.P.E.

Craven County's H.O.P.E.

156 Perrytown Road, New Bern, North Carolina 28562, USA

Office Phone: (252) 670-2722

Craven County's H.O.P.E.

Craven County's H.O.P.E. is a volunteer organization deeply concerned about the impact of substance abuse in our community. The organization brings together a diverse group of individuals and professionals who share a common desire to address the problems of substance abuse on all levels. Our members include individuals from all sectors of the community, including parents, concerned citizens, local government, law enforcement, school officials and healthcare professionals. Our mission: To provide awareness, education and treatment options in the battle against heroin, opiates and alcohol addiction to those in Craven County. 

Prevention: Prevent youth from using drugs/alcohol and provide parents with education and resources about risk factors leading to youth drug use and addiction. Create community awareness about local drug issues, addictions and impacts.

Treatment: Inspire families and those in need to seek treatment and assure timely, accessible and affordable treatment. Identify resources and information to connect users to treatment services. Provide support to those who have completed treatment to maintain sobriety.

Harm Reduction: Establish achievable goals which when taken step-by-step can lead to a healthier lifestyle for drug users, their children, families and communities by reducing infectious diseases and the number of overdoses and deaths.

Law Enforcement: Assist in drug-free lifestyle by holding defendants accountable to bond, release terms. Continue to prosecute heroin dealers. Police officers will continue to work to improve coordination with health services and other agencies that link drug users to immediate medical care, withdrawal management (detox), treatment and other counseling and prevention services.

Community Communication: Develop a heroin awareness website and utilize the internet and social media to promote regional overdose prevention treatment and recovery in general.

Services Offered

Free Lock Boxes, Prevention/Education
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