Haywood County Health and Human Services

157 Paragon Parkway, Clyde, NC 28721, USA

Office Phone: (828) 452-6620

Haywood County Health and Human Services

Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency (HCHHSA) was formed by consolidating the Department of Social Services (DSS) and the Health Department into a single unit. HCHHSA provides a wide variety of services to the citizens of Haywood County. Haywood County Health and Human Services do not discriminate based on age, race, color, religion, or national origin, and translation services are available at no cost. Our operating budget consists of Federal, State and County dollars.

Agency Core Values

  • The best place for children is in families who provide a nurturing environment, safe from neglect or abuse. 
  • Families are the backbone of our society
  • We will be responsive to our community in a worthwhile and measurable way
  • Public service is an opportunity to make positive changes in people‚Äôs lives
  • We strive to protect those among us who cannot protect themselves
  • Teamwork is the means to carry out our mission and goals
  • We provide quality and efficient service to each client by presenting all available options in a compassionate and professional manner
  • We treat all people with dignity and respect
  • We value the power of external partnerships to support our missio
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