Hesed Place

PO Box 15433 New Bern

Office Phone: (252) 259-1317

Under it’s umbrella, Hesed Place offers a variety of therapeutic, supportive, and educational options for participants who have endured significant levels of complex trauma. All in-network community resource providers are uniformly trained by Hesed Place to provide a foundational level of trauma-informed care. The focus on communicative, transdisciplinary, trauma-informed care throughout all stages of need maximizes potential for holistic healing and long-term meaningful function.

In essence, Hesed Place seeks to collectively include a multitude of trained community professionals and paraprofessionals who form a “Trauma-Informed Town-Within-A-Town.” By understanding the needs likely necessary for maximized healing, we make efforts to be thinking ahead and preparing so that a trustworthy, caring, and skilled network will be available to survivors of severe trauma.

Hesed Place provides Trauma-Informed Certification Training to Network Community Resource Providers including: Medical and Therapeutic Professionals, Law Enforcement, Service Providers / Other Professionals, Organizations and Educators & Academic Professionals.

Services Offered

Prevention/Education, Counseling, Personal Skill Training, Trauma-Informed Training & Education, Individual Support Pairing, Referral Resources, Transitional Living, Personal Development, Transitional Community Assistance
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