NC Second Chance Alliance

Restoring Opportunities. Strengthening Families & Communities. The NC Second Chance Alliance is a statewide alliance of people with criminal records, their family members, service providers, congregations, community leaders and concerned citizens that have come together to address the causes of criminal records and the barriers they create to successful reentry. Mass incarceration, Racial Disparities, Parental Incarceration, Collateral Consequences and Recidivism,

What is clear to members of the NC Second Chance Alliance is that the current system of incarceration and re-incarceration is not working. Our state’s unfair, revolving-door criminal justice system is undermining the safety of our communities, draining our state’s resources, and failing people with criminal records, especially people of color. We have come together to identify and speak out in support of fair chance practices, policies, and laws that ensure people exiting the criminal justice system have a fair chance to be prosperous, law-abiding community members rather than being automatically excluded from essential opportunities and cycled back into the criminal justice system.


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