Men's Oxford House Benfield

Oxford House Benfield

1310 Benfield Avenue, New Bern, NC 28562, USA

Office Phone: (252) 631-1524

Primary Substance: All

Genders Served: Gender Specific - Male Only

Ages Served: 18+

Men's Oxford House. Occupancy: 8. Oxford House is a publicly supported, non-profit network connecting all Oxford House recovery homes or sober houses. Oxford House sober living is a concept in recovery for a democratically run, self-supporting and drug free home. In North Carolina, Oxford House offers sober living typically with very reasonable cost and promoting resident recovery through a peer-supported model run by the men and women in the sober house. Oxford House Benfield is a democratically run, self-supporting and drug free home. This facility accepts men only.

Every Oxford house represents an effective and low cost method of preventing relapse. A representative of every House in the area meets with the others on a monthly basis, to share information, to seek resolution of problems in a particular House, and to express that Chapter's vote on larger issues.  Residents pay rent, utility and other household expenses of Oxford House Benfield. This facility has a maximum capacity of 8 residents. Oxford House Benfield is part of a nonprofit corporation umbrella organization which provides the network connecting all Oxford Houses and allocates resources to duplicate the Oxford House concept where needs arise.

Services Offered

Sober Living
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