The Alcohol / Drug Council of NC (ADCNC)

North Carolina Perinatal and Maternal Substance Abuse Initiative & CASAWORKS for Families Residential Services

600 E Main St suite 203, Durham, NC 27701, USA

Crisis Line: (800) 688-4230

Conditions Treated: Addiction

Genders Served: Gender Specific - Female Only

Ages Served: 18+

Special Populations: With children, Pregnant

The Alcohol / Drug Council of NC (ADCNC)

Alcohol/Drug Council of NC (ADCNC)

1121 Situs Court ste. 360 Raleigh, NC 27606

Office Phone: (800) 688-4232

The Alcohol / Drug Council of NC (ADCNC)

We Care. Let's Connect.

Provides information and referrals to alcohol and drug treatment. They also provide educational programs and materials to businesses, community groups, families, and individuals. To be the entity in NC that ensures access to quality, relevant, respectful  SUD care. We strive to ensure every  person in NC needing substance use disorder treatment receives it. We help people overcome substance use and mental health disorders. We seek to eliminate stigma. We embrace all pathways to recovery and healing with dignity and respect for everyone. For more information contact:

We connect. We educate. We advocate.

Services Offered

Community Education & Trainings, Recommendations for support resources, Peer Navigation, Resource Navigation, Perinatal Substance Use Disorder Inpatient Referalls, Referalls for NC National Guard, Air and Army
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