NC Olmstead Plan Listening Session - Guardianship Listening Session

September 15, 2020
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Event Description

Two additional Listening Sessions have been scheduled to provide Guardians and members of the NC Aging Coalition the opportunity to share their perspectives on the systems and services that support individuals with disabilities in North Carolina. To date the Technical Assistance Collaborative, TAC, has facilitated 13 Listening Sessions to gather input from stakeholders about the strengths, opportunities, gaps and challenges that exist. TAC has gained valuable insights these sessions. These final two sessions are intended to complete the formal process for gathering stakeholder feedback for the Service Systems Assessment, though stakeholders will have ongoing opportunities to provide input and feedback throughout development of the Olmstead Plan.

This additional session is scheduled as follows:

Guardianship Listening Session
Date:             10/1/2020
Time:             3pm – 5pm
Meeting ID:  915 2442 2837
Passcode:     579673

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