RAI Task Force

We bring people together to solve problems.

The RAI TaskForce was born out of the incredible need we saw during our last Summit in September 2023. On the first day, we had small groups go through a series of questions about their local needs. The combination of the right people, in the right place, at the right time, made us realize we have an opportunity and obligation to organize.

What is the silo effect?

The silo effect limits the interactions between members of community, thus leading to reduced productivity, cooperation, and the sharing of ideas and resources. At RAI, we know that the silo effect is not only inefficient, it's hurting our communities. Our call to action is to smash through these silos, and get folks talking that would under normal circumstances, never meet.

At the RAI Summit, a collection of recovery needs were shared and these needs were nearly universal across the state as areas of focus to promote and enhance recovery. Four areas of focus were distilled with the goal of making advancements and addressing aspects of each of these areas in your county. 

The four areas are:

  1. Transportation
  2. Peer recovery
  3. Housing and treatment for specific populations
  4. Creative solutions when under-resourced

We have created committees for each of these topics and will focus here for the remainder of 2023 into 2024.

We held our first meeting on Zoom on Nov 9th 2023. Here are some of the themes that came up over and over:

  1. The idea of a 1 stop shop for Social Services
  2. How to use research and data to facilitate change in local government policy

We can already see how cross pollination is happening across the committees.

This work has been started in the committees and will be occurring over the next 9 months. Progress will be measured at each quarterly Task Force meeting and through regular communication with each committee to support resource linkage, the generation of ideas, and to check on progress. RAI wants you to walk away from this process with solutions in hand to advance and implement.

This is a grassroots and grass tops TaskForce. If you are interested in joining us, please email lizzyb@recoveryall.org. She will add you to our Google group and drive where you can see all the prior meetings.

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