RI International

RI International is a global organization with more than 50 programs throughout the United States and abroad. Our services include crisis, outpatient, housing, community support teams, and more. Every RI site is founded on the RI Way of Safety, Peer-Powered, Engaged, and Performance. Safety always come first in all aspect of operations. Peer integration is the foundation of the RI Ways and is woven into the fabric of our company from leadership to direct supports in our community. Engagement is the omnipresent thread that recovery is possible in all that we do and is delivered by developing a partnership with our guests, communities and with the teamwork of our staff. Performance is created with exceptional care delivery with a systemic commitment to our processes creating accountability and driving quality improvement projects. We strive to deliver the fusion of clinical best practices, peer-delivered care, and to provide care to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Services Offered

Peer Support, Crisis Stabilization Program, Assessment Service, Treatment Centers, Voluntary & Involuntary Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Mental Health Services, Housing
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